Who is the refugee family and when will they come?

  • Once we have reached our fundraising goal, we will submit the final paperwork to be matched with a family in need. We will then be informed of who they are, where they are from and when they will arrive.
  • We are committed to welcoming any family that is found to be the best match for our community, regardless of race, country of origin or religion.

How much money does PRRG need to raise?

  • We are raising funds for a family of four to live in Pemberton for one year at which time we hope they will have obtained employment and are able to live on their own.
  • Our goal is to raise $35,000 total, which is supplemented by a contribution from the Federal Government for six months. The government’s contribution may include basic provincial social assistance; child benefits if they are eligible and a one-time start-up payment to assist with the initial costs of setting up a home.

Do refugees get more financial help from the federal government than Canadian pensioners do?

  • A widely circulated email makes this falseclaim. The email mistakenly includes a one-time start-up payment as part of a refugee family’s monthly payment. The amount of monthly financial support that government-assisted refugees get is based on provincial social assistance rates. It is the minimum amount needed to cover only the most basic food and shelter needs.

Why are we partnering with the Mennonite Central Committee?

  1. The Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) is a Sponsorship Agreement Holder with the Canadian Government.
  2. They provide expertise in preparing for sponsorship, submitting government applications and facilitate fundraising for community organizations like ours across the country.
  3. MCC will assist with matching our community with a family or person.

We don’t have enough housing for locals, why are you bringing refugees to Pemberton?

  1. Housing will be our biggest challenge and we have increased the budget to reflect that.
  2. We recognize many locals are trying to secure adequate, affordable housing. Refugee families around the world, however, are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. We have an abundance of resources in this community – fresh air, clean water, healthy, locally grown food and security. We can find accommodation for one family and despite our relative scarcity of housing; we believe our community is willing to open its doors.

Where will they get a job?

  • Many refugee applicants, especially family class immigrants, are skilled workers and find employment soon after arriving in Canada.
  • Pemberton has opportunities for employment in agriculture, construction, tourism and entrepreneurial potential.

Isn’t Pemberton too small? Wouldn’t they be better off living in a larger city?

  • Many refugees come from rural communities and would be happy to live in smaller towns.
  • We hope to be matched with a family that would enjoy a rural lifestyle.
  • Pemberton will be an initial safe haven for the family. They are free to relocate to another community.

How do we know the refugee family won’t present a security risk?

  • Refugees are rigorously screened for medical, security and criminality risk by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR)
  • Additionally, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and the RCMP screen all refugee applicants for security.
  • The number of refugees found to have security concerns has been statistically insignificant and even negligible for families.

What happens to the donations if for some reason the PRRG is unsuccessful in bringing a family to Pemberton?

  • There will not be a refund of contributions but all money received will go to the MCC’s refugee resettlement projects in other communities.

Still have questions?

  • Contact us at: info@prrg.ca