Our Team

The PRRG is a partnership of local charitable organizations including Pemberton Rotary club and Pemberton Lions Club with faith-based membership from Pemberton Community Church, St David’s United Church and St. Francis Catholic Church as well as students from Pemberton Secondary School’s Leadership program and Rotary Interact club, plus community members at large. Our executive members are:

  • Chairperson – Cynthia Buck
  • Financial Director – Emily Doherty
  • Logistics Director – Kiran Pal-Pross
  • Digital Media Coordinator – Blair Kaplan
  • Education Coordinator – Kathy Leverton
  • Housing Coordinator – Danielle Menzel
  • Social and Community Coordinator – Doris Zurcher
  • Employment Coordinator – Mark Leverton
  • Transportation Coordinator – Molli Reynolds
  • Photography – Dave Steers
  • Logo – Sumire Design

Past/Founding Members:

  • Paul Cumin
  • Janis Netzel
  • Hillary Downing